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Wavemobile 2G+4G MObile coverage

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Once your community is set up, devices simply connect to the wavemobile network. Seamless and effective.

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What if you don’t like it? Simply opt-out (disconnect) via an easy process.

The Network for Not-Spots


The technology now exists to provide combined 4G+2G coverage pockets via compact, easy-to- install equipment. The community supplies a site, connectivity and power, and we provide the spectrum, core network, operator connectivity, support and know how.


Community coverage by installing our compact M3Q base station.


Utilising existing connectivity infrastructure where possible.


Low cost, high reliability off-the-shelf backhaul.


We operate in low power spectrum with state-of- the-art equipment designed and built in the UK.


We provide the spectrum, core network, operator connectivity, support and know-how.

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Wavemobile GiLTE Basestation


Operator connectivity is supplied via our MVNO, and community coverage by installing our compact M3Q base station

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5G NR is coming to the M3Q

For most people the advent of true 5G New Radio will not be significantly impacting for many years to come. There are still compatibility issues surrounding roaming, and even handset to network signalling. For the wavemobile network it is unlikely that 5G NR will have much of an effect for the near future, however we are beginning trials on 2024.

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Mobile Network Coverage

wavemobile’s 4G+2G network service is free of charge to users of our network. Our objective is to create footprints by establishing coverage across the UK where the main mobile suppliers have challenges reaching cost effectively.

As we grow, so too will our resources and the need to maintain and service the networks. We will offer premium connectivity to a new high speed layer and enter into agreements with operators for voice/data termination.