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    in being one of our community launch partners…

    Application requirements


    If you’re interested in being one of our community launch partners there are a few requirements:


    You must have no coverage from any other network.


    You need to show us that putting coverage in your area will benefit the community (ie; for tourism, farming, safety, etc.).


    We need to see no major objections once we announce that you’ll be part of our network.


    You accept that this is a new service and is offered on a “best effort” basis.

    Apply for Coverage

    If this is you, please register your interest above.

    Rural Mobile Network Coverage

    wavemobile’s 4G+2G network service is free of charge to users of our network. Our objective is to create footprints by establishing coverage across the UK where the main mobile suppliers have challenges reaching cost effectively.

    As we grow, so too will our resources and the need to maintain and service the networks. We will offer premium connectivity to a new high speed layer and enter into agreements with operators for voice/data termination.