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What communications features are important to you?

Wavemobile Network-for-notspots

As the operator of a small rural-based mobile network, I’m trying to reset my thoughts on what “basic service” is these days. If you start with nothing (ie: no mobile or WiFi coverage), what communications features are important to you?


Mobile network coverage across the UK

Would you like to be able to call a taxi to collect you from the station in the pouring rain, or is it more important to make WhatsApp calls? Is the ability to dial 999 from anywhere still a critical feature? Can you manage 15 minutes on the platform without 4K video on YouTube?

We have become so reliant on our mobile devices that the bar for a minimum service offering is far greater than it was five years ago. With the minimal legacy spectrum available for operators (3.2MHz), at wavemobile can achieve a 3MHz LTE carrier with a carve-out for GSM/GPRS and voice (this is our GiLTE technology). This isn’t going to get you 5G speeds, but it will give you 5Mb/s and keep you and your umbrella dry!

If you had to restrict something to offer balanced resource utilisation to everyone else in your limited spectrum what would it be?

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